Trip Blog

The trip blog is maintained by the Troop Historian. This scout will interview other scouts who attended the last camping trip and will include their comments in a summary of each trip here.

Klondike Derby - Jan. 28, 2017

My Klondike Derby Experience - By Julian P.

To summarize my Klondike Derby experience, it was pretty much hard work, teamwork and mud - lots of mud. Looking back after a long, hard, and cold day, it was a fun day and a great learning experience too.

As a new boy scout I did not know what to expect. So when we got going it was pretty cool pulling around the sled. We were a little sloppy pulling the sled as we were running off the path a lot and hitting stuff all the time.  John D. pulled the team along, without him we would have really struggled, but everyone else helped a lot too, and did well together as a patrol to work as a team.  I think the patrol did well on figuring out how to do stuff in a short amount of time. I think that we could have done better on getting places, packing quicker, and maybe spending some more time preparing for the skills required in some of the events. The highlight of the day was lunch because we made a really good Jambalaya with Chicken and Sausage in the Dutch Oven and made a yummy desert by cooking marshmallows and chocolate with a banana in a tin foil wrapper.  By the end of the day, we were wet, muddy, tired, and hungry, and were looking forward to warming up at home.

In closing, It was a very exciting and different experience and hopefully we will get more kids to come next year, which will make it that much more fun!

Towhee Trip November 2016
I didn't go on the Towhee trip myself, but I did have the chance to interview some scouts to see what they liked best about it. Here's what they said:
John- building the fire.
Aryan- building shelters.
Jesse C- eating food.
Michael- eating food.
David- sleeping in a 9-person tent with 5 people.

Holiday Camping Trip - Dec. 4-6, 2015
We recently had an awesome time at our Holiday Party camping trip at Ockanickon.  This trip turned out pretty good, am I right?  Our usual trips are terrific too, but it normally comes with a lot of work earning merit badges and hiking miles and miles..., but on this trip, we were able to kick back and chill.  The tables and bunks were set up in no time, even before you could say, "nice job".  On Saturday, everyone had lots of fun by hanging out with each other and telling stories.   Every meal was a contest, including things from a Mountain Man breakfast to a turkey moment to remember.  Also, during the day, we could play games of any sort, such as phone games and board games, while also heading down to the Trading Post to purchase snacks and camping gear.  The sleeping conditions weren't even 1/2 bad.   I would like to thank Sean K, Kyle K, Brian B, and everyone else who helped schedule this amazing trip.  I hope all scouts enjoyed themselves, and I can't wait for the next one!