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Camping Trip Next Weekend

posted Oct 31, 2015, 6:51 PM by Riley l.

I am working on finalizing the roster for next weekend's camping trip.  Following are the boys confirmed going, boys who aren't sure, and who paid so far ($25).  If you have any discrepancy between this list and what's real, please contact me right away.  Patrol Leaders and Senior Patrol, I will be sending an email out right after this with the patrol rosters so far, so you can confirm numbers for the shoppers.  Menus should have been completed at the meeting, but if you have any questions, contact Sean.  One more thing about menus...Jonah Snyder cannot find the menu his patrol put together.  If anyone happened to have brought it home by mistake, please let me know so I can get him a copy.

Boys Confirmed:
Alex B.
Brian B. (Paid)
Jesse C.
Dominic C.
Nolan C. 
Riley D.
Sam D.
Danny G.
Tim G.
Sean K. (Paid)
Andrew K.
Shawn L.
Ryan M.
Aryan P. (Paid)
Zack P. (Paid)
Riley S. (Paid)
Quain S. (Paid)
David S.
Jonah S.

Boys Unsure:
Ryan K.
Chris L.

If you are unsure, please get back to me ASAP with either a yes or no, so I can let the Patrol Leaders know.

Thanks, and as always feel free to contact me with any questions.

Dave Kelch