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Camping updates

posted Mar 31, 2015, 10:56 AM by Fred Gamache
From Mr. Caimi - 


                          Mr. Kelch asked me to get some information for the upcoming camping trips and activities out to the parents and scouts. All the camping trips for 2015 are now on the troop website calendar, if there are any questions please let me or Mr. Kelch know. If your scout has any trips or activities they are interested in, have them let their patrol leaders know so it can be discussed at the PLC meetings.
                          With the size of our troop that goes on the trips, I found making reservations early is necessary. For two of the upcoming trips/activities, we have to give a head count for tours/rafting. Once we book the tours, there are no refunds and we're not guaranteed any additional space after our cut off dates.

                          April 24th to April 26th        Gettysburg National Military Park/Camp Tuckahoe
                          Saturday : 8:15am Museum/film/Cyclorama
                                            Hiking The Billy Yank Trail

                          Sunday :   9:30am Eisenhower Historic Site
                                           Historic Downtown Gettysburg
                        Cost for scouts that have been on the previous Gettysburg trip $30.00
                        Cost for scouts first time to Gettysburg                                      $35.00  
 ( Note the cost difference is for a five segmented patch that returning scouts have already earned four segments. First time scouts will get the four segments then the final segment on a later trip. Patrol food cost is not included.)
                         Final head count is needed By the April 9th Troop meeting. I have heard repeatedly from both the adult leaders and older scouts that this trip is a favorite.

                        May 15th to May 17th            Ricketts Glen State Park
                        Hiking/exploring over 22 waterfalls and the falls trail system.
                        Cost $5.00 per scout (does not include patrol food).

                        June 19th to June 21st            Pocono Whitewater/Camping at Hickory Run State Park
                        Saturday: 10:00am Pocono Whitewater family style rafting with BBQ lunch.
                        Cost for scouts camping $5.00 (does not include patrol food)
                        Cost for all persons whitewater rafting (adult or scout) $40.00

                        Parents please note this is our annual bring a parent trip. Parents going on the rafting trip will cost $40.00, no charge for camping.(Parents going will need to complete the BSA youth protection on-line approximately 30 minutes. Any questions please contact me or Mr. Kelch) We will need an idea of who is going by May 20th. And a final headcount by June 4th, after this date there are no refunds for the troop.  

                        Summer camp   Mr. Kelch also asked me to remind all parents of scouts that are going to summer camp that final payments for the discounted rate are due May 28th.

                        If you have any question please feel free to contact me with any questions.