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Cycling Merit Badge

posted Oct 30, 2016, 6:25 AM by Doug Schaefer
Scouts & Parents:

Cynthia Underhill, the Aunt of one of our Scouts, was kind enough to volunteer her time to offer the troop the opportunity to work on some merit badges. Mrs. Underhill has completed all the required training and clearances to become a registered BSA Merit Badge Counselor. She is offering the Cycling, Photography, Weather, and Art merit badges and has discussed these with the boys at a recent meeting.

For those scouts who are interested in the Cycling merit badge,  Mrs. Underhill would like to offer 2 bike rides on Nov. 6th  and  27th. The rides are open to Scouts and Parents, in fact, we will need some adults to accompany the ride. Some notes about the badge:

- Scouts do not have to commit to completing the merit badge to join any of the rides.
- Requirements for the badge can be found here:
- The Cycling MB counts as one of the required merit badges needed for the Eagle rank. (Scouts have the option of choosing swimming, cycling, or hiking)
- The badge requires completing a total of 7 rides, so additional rides will be offered next spring. There's no deadline to complete the badge.
- To participate, each scout must have access to a bike and a helmet
- Scouts can choose to follow the Mountain Bike or Road Bike requirements for the badge. Mrs. Underhill is offering rides for both:

Mountain bike: The mountain bike ride will be at Nockamixon State Park. There is a video at We will park at the Tower lot and stay on the beginner trails. The first two rides required for the badge are 2 mile rides so we will never be far from the parking lot. We'll be looping near the lot and there is a fire road if someone needs to go back early. It would be nice to have adults in the lot in case someone wants to stop early. Scouts must complete two miles for this ride to count toward their badge. Walking obstacles is acceptable.

Road bike: The road ride will be at the Power Line trail in Horsham This is a 10 mile ride. The power line trail is roughly 5 miles. We'll meet near the middle of the trail. We'll ride the slightly longer direction first then come back to the parking lot for a break. People are welcome to stop at this point. To get credit for the badge, scouts need to complete all 10 miles of the ride.

Any Scouts or parents who are interested in participating in one or both of the above rides, please e-mail Mrs. Underhill at and let her know which ride you're interested in and which dates you can make it so she can schedule based on the number of responses. Scouts, please copy a parent on all e-mails sent to troop adults.


Doug Schaefer