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Ockanickon Holiday Trip

posted Nov 17, 2015, 3:05 PM by Riley l.

Sorry for the blast of emails, this will be the last one today, I promise.

We are finalizing plans for the December Holiday trip to Ockanickon, December 4th - 6th.  We are staying in cabins which are heated.  This is typically one of the favorite trips of the year.  We have no agenda or plans, it's just a camping trip for the guys to have fun.  Bring board games, cards, some music and relax.  No scheduled events means plenty of time to cook, so we usually have some of the best meals of the year on the trip.

Because we got both halves of Palmer Lodge, the cost is $25/scout.  We need to pretty much finalize head counts this week, since there is no meeting next week (Thanksgiving) and our next meeting after that is the night before we leave.

Here is the list of who signed up last week.  If there are changes to be made, please let me know.  We can change things through the meeting on Thursday, and maybe through the weekend, and then we lock things down.  Once we have a final headcount, we can't just add and remove people without consequences.  We incur charges and need to account for enough boys to cover, and people buy food expecting a certain amount of boys.  When people drop out at the last minute, it sticks others with those costs, which isn't fair.  Lats month this caused quite a problem for some patrols that had several people drop out at the last minute.

Here's my list:

Borzillo, Alex Caimi, Jesse Ciocca, Dominic Cook, Nolan Day, John Dessino, Riley Goldberg, Danny Goldberg, Tim Keefer, Kyle Kelch, Sean Krystofiak, Andrew McShane, Sean Patil, Aryan Peters, Zack Sdessino, Sam Sholly, Jimmy 
Please email me with any changes, or see me on Thursday.  Also, make sure you communicate with your patrol leaders.

Thanks and see you all on Thursday!

Dave Kelch