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Scout Honor for 91 year old WWII Veteran

posted Oct 16, 2015, 1:52 PM by Riley l.

Forwarding this on behalf of our District Executive.  If anyone is interested, let me know.  


My fellow Scouters,

Please review the following email and links for a unique opportunity for your Troop.  We are looking for Scouts to attend a ceremony next week for a US Veteran who is 91 years old.  If you have Scouts that are interested in joining the celebration, please let Kenny Bauer, for questions or able to attend.

Thank you for your help in getting it done!  My sincere appreciation for your efforts.

Yours in Scouting,

Tom Guertin

Tohickon District Executive

Sent: Friday, October 16, 2015 3:02 PM
Subject: Can we get any Scouts in Warminster area to a house on Thu 10/22 @ 4:30pm?


Basically a BSA press opportunity.  Very interesting story.

Andy Widmeier (17 yo Eagle from T187) was on the Oct 5th Honor Flight Philadelphia as a Guardian for a 91 year old WWII vet:

Unfortunately, Andy's veteran never made it back on the bus, since he had a heart attack at the WW II monument in DC.

Fortunately, Andy was the one communicating with him when he was "not feeling so good" and Andy immediately called 911.  According to the President of Philadelphia's Honor Flight, Andy's performance last Monday was exceptional and he even wanted to be with him in the ambulance to George Washington Hospital but did not since he was a minor and getting Andy back to Bucks County would have been problematic legally as a minor if he missed the bus back.  

Todd Warner has asked that witness statements be provided for a National Certificate of Merit and that is in process.

Since the veteran missed the bus ride home last Monday the A Hero's Welcome organization is scheduling a special make up celebration just for this vet.  (He had surgery on 10/05 at GW hospital and returned home 3 days later.)  The posting on A Hero's Welcome website is here:  Tentative time is 4:30pm.  Andy will be attending.

A Hero's Welcome is contacting local fire companies, their own membership, and TV stations to cover.  An editor for the Intel is very interested in the story and will be contacting Andy, the President of the Honor Flight Philadelphia, and the head of A Hero's Welcome early next week for preliminary background information for the story that will likely run next Friday.

Less than 1 week's notice, on a Thursday, at 4:30pm - it will be difficult getting people to attend like the hundreds did last week at the Parx Casino, with marching bands, etc.  ANY Scout presence I believe will be noticeable.  Unfortunately, my ability to get T187 Scouts, other than Andy, to drive down from Pennridge after school and then drive back to Dublin for 6:30pm PLC and 7:00pm Troop meeting will be very very difficult.  I doubt I could get more than a handful.

Any ideas on special units that might be able to "welcome home" this vet?  (Again, good BSA press basically.)

Joe, do you have contacts with the Herald?  If so, I could forward to you what is being emailed to the Intel this weekend with all the contacts name, titles, phone #s, and emails.

- Kenny