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Spaghetti Dinner Feedback

posted Oct 8, 2015, 6:49 PM by Doug Schaefer

Attached is a mail Mrs. Lippincott got regarding our boys helping at the Spaghetti Dinner.  In a nutshell, the boys really shined.  They impressed the folks running the dinner and the parishioners and guests as well.  They saw what we already know, that our boys are really among the best out there.  They were great examples of what scouts and young men should aspire too.  I am SO proud of them, and you all should be as well.

Great job boys (and parents)!!!

Dave Kelch

Subject: Re: Re: Spaghetti dinner committee

On behalf of all the committee, 
I would like to express to the Scout Master and to the young men who were with us on Sunday at the dinner.

Dear Gentlemen,
Our sincere thank you to the young men of the troop who were with us on Sunday.
They not only did their uniforms proud but they did themselves and their families proud as well. They were complete gentlemen. They did everything from 
making the trash disappear all day, cleaned spills up and  washed chairs with spills. They assisted numerous people to their cars 
with their take outs and they helped many inside to their seats to enjoy their meals. Whatever we asked they did,
immediately and without effort. Most importantly they did not infringe on anyone's  socializing.
We received many,many compliments.
Having four sons who were all scouts, two of whom are Eagle Scouts. I  know the commitment these young men 
make to scouting. And for them to give up their day off to help us was truly commendable and greatly appreciated.
I also recognize that many of their badges require service hours, and very often it is assumed that no thanks is required.
Not the case, all of our youth should be thanked, when they give service. It promotes good will within the community
and they/you deserve the acknowledgement.
Good luck in all your future endeavors.
Lastly if you have not sold all of your popcorn and would like a table at the Christmas bazaar on Dec 6th, please contact
me. We can make that happen.


Marilyn McCulla
The spaghetti dinner committee