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***SUMMER CAMP*** Important Information

posted Jul 12, 2016, 7:35 PM by Doug Schaefer
I know this is long, but if you or your son is going to summer camp, please read it all.

So, Summer Camp is finally upon us.  I just have a few last minute bits of information you’ll need. 

Just a note…If I don’t have health forms you will not be able to go to camp.  You’ll have to come up during the week after you get your forms in order.  No exceptions, the camp will NOT allow you into camp without a form.  Please contact me to make arrangements to get me your forms.  Please, please, please, don’t wait until Sunday.  There is so much going on and when I have to add figuring out health forms on top of everything else, it gets ridiculous.

We will be meeting behind the church school building on Sunday morning 7/18 at 9:00, and will be on the road by 10:00.  Please arrive in Class A Uniform.  We wear the uniform to and from camp and every night at dinner.  

We are still looking for some drivers to help out, so if you can drive one way, please let me know.  

The camp is about 3 hours away, so we will stop for lunch on the way.  All boys and adults should pack a lunch to eat.  We’ll stop at a rest stop or something around lunch time.
Once we get to camp, we get checked in, do the medical evaluation, and tour of the camp.  We also do our swim test.  Make sure you bring a day pack to be carried with you that contains swim trunks, towel, sub block, or anything you’ll need before dinner, as we will NOT have time to unpack and get the personal gear ready before we do the swim test.
Money…should you bring any.  They have a trading post.  If you have anything that you need to pay for or purchase for any of your merit badges, please bring enough to cover that.  If you want to buy snacks and souvenirs, you can bring that as well.  I would NOT recommend bringing more than maybe $50 at the maximum.  Leaders are not responsible for money.  Please make sure your footlocker has a lock on it.  Please give an extra key, or write the combo down and give it to me on Sunday before we leave and the leaders will hold on to it in case it’s needed.  While I cannot prevent you from bringing a cell phone, I can say that service is spotty, it may rain, and there may not be any place to recharge it.  If you choose to bring one, do so at your own risk, leaders are not responsible for cell phones.  The leaders will all have phones and can contact parents in an emergency.  Tablets and laptops are prohibited, do not bring them, they will be confiscated.  If you want to buy a knife at summer camp and are younger than 16, Mom or Dad have to let one of the leaders know it’s alright.  If we don’t have permission from parents, no knives. 

Medication must be in the original bottle with your name on it.  I emailed out medicine forms earlier, which should be filled out and brought on Sunday with the medicine.  I’m not sure whether we keep it in our site and distribute or whether everything is kept at the health lodge, camps do it either way.  I must also stress this…Boys may not have ANY medication on their person at all, except for an Epi-pen (If they have one, please let us know so we can keep a special eye on them).  If they may need sinus medication, cough medication, Tylenol, Advil, or anything over the counter, fill out the drug form and give it to the leaders.  They absolutely are not allowed to have ANY medication on them, period.  If found parents will be called to pick them up.  I’m sorry we have to be like that, but scouts has VERY strict rules, and if leaders are going to be responsible for the boys all week, we need to know any and all medications in the camp.

Things to bring: flashlight, Class A uniform, any OA or Merit Badge sashes, decorations, medals or awards for your uniforms.  Bring any patches you have, lots of patch trading goes on at camp.  Bring cards or board games, or books.  Bring at least two bathing suits and swim towels.  Bring bath towels and toiletries, they do have a shower and you should make use of it at least a few times during the week…a scout is clean.  :)  Bring shorts, t shirts, socks, underwear, something to sleep in, and a pair of long pants and a light jacket.  Bring hiking boots and sneakers you can also bring sandals or water socks for use around the pool or in the shower.  I recommend bringing a pillow, sleeping back and a top sheet.  I usually sleep on the sleeping bag with the top sheet over me, as it is usually warm at camp since the AC isn’t very good in the tents.  Bring rain gear!!! If you are taking Wilderness Survival, bring what you’ll need to sleep outside in the shelter you make.

Things NOT to bring (Will get you sent home):  No sheath knives.  As I said before a sheath knife is any knife which doesn’t fold, whether you have the sheath or not.  If in doubt, ask before we go.  No fireworks, cigarettes, vaping paraphernalia, no drugs or drug paraphernalia, no weapons of any kind, no reading or visual material that is inappropriate for Boy Scouts.  Anything else which may be deemed a safety or health risk.

I’ll also write a bit about an issue that may concern some first time summer camp parents, homesickness.  In our experience, a couple boys start to feel a little homesick.  We know how to deal with it and keep them at camp and having fun.  If they have a phone and call as soon as they get homesick, they will often have one or both parents agreeing to come and get them.  Give us a chance to work with them first.  If they are so homesick that they can’t continue on and we can’t work with them, we’ll call and have you get them.  In my 18 years as a scout leader I have never had to send someone home for homesickness.

If you want to send mail or a package, the address is:
Scout Name, Week #5
Camp Sinoquipe
Troop 137
677 Boy Scout Rd
Ft. Littleton, PA  17223
I recommend you send something Saturday before camp if you want to make sure it gets there while they are at camp.
The camp phone numbers if you can’t contact a leader are:
Camp Office: 717*387*9631
Health Office: 717*360*1562

If you need to contact your son, call or email me first and I will get one of the leaders at camp to have them call you.  My contact information is:
215-370-0078 Cell

I believe that is everything.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.  If any leaders notice anything I forgot, please let me know so I can get it out to everyone.  

I know the leaders are looking forward to a great week, and the boys are too.  I am always so impressed by how well our boys present themselves at camp.  They also accomplish so much as a troop.  I am also so inspired by how they come out of camp a much more cohesive unit than when they went in.  It really builds brotherhood. 

Yours in Scouting,
Dave Kelch