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Warrington Community Day Service Project

posted Sep 22, 2016, 6:52 PM by Doug Schaefer

As one of Warrington's two scout troops, it's important that we support our community.
 They are looking for about 6 boys to help with Warrington Day...I will include part of teh email detailing what they are looking for.  If interested, please email me back or let me know at the meeting.


Can you provide six boys? They could meet us at the fishing location along the Bradford Dam Trail at about 9 am. We would detach three boys to assist with the hike at about 9:45 at the trailhead of the Bradford Dam Trail where the family hike begins.

I wanted to confirm that some of your scouts would be able to help the Bike & Hike Trail Committee with our two special events on that day.  As you may recall from previous years, we sponsor the annual fishing derby on the morning of WCD, from 9 am until noon. The scouts could help the kids with snags, tangles, and other mishaps connected with fishing. The other event is a family hike on paved and some natural surface trails within Lower Nike Park. The hike begins at the trailhead for the Bradford Dam Trail at 10 am on Sept. 24. None of the trails are difficult but some participants might lag behind, and the Scouts could keep them from being separated from the rest of the hikers. Also, we may be hiking along the edge of the Special Equestrian Center, and we do not want our hikers to interfere with any ongoing activities at the Center. So scouts might act as “road guards” or “herders” in that location.